Steve Grunlan

Owner and Sr. Recruiter

Our Story

From an early point in his career Steve Grunlan earned respect from his firm’s owners and peers. Starting his IT recruiting career back in 2005 as a full-desk recruiter at one of the top IT perm placement firms in Minneapolis, he made 18 successful placements within his first 6 months of recruiting. He was off and running.

It wasn’t until the ’08-’09 recession that businesses really stopped hiring full time employees and focused on hiring consultants. Steve once again saw an opportunity in the market and spent the next five years working with some of Minnesota’s biggest and brightest companies. Steve’s success continued and even reached a point where he had over 40 consultants consecutively out on contract. This success gave him the confidence to launch Stone Arch Services in 2014, leading him to increase his level of service and become one of the most successful IT recruiters in the metro area.

2014 ended up being the best year of Steve’s career and he never looked back. When Steve talks about his decision to start this new phase, he says “I love the opportunity to build a relationship with a new client and many times place either the Director or VP of IT. From there I partner with them to build out a first class IT team. These roles can range from developers and project managers to systems and database administrators – anything that they need to support their business goals and to help them grow.”

Steve works with clients of any size (including several Fortune 500 organizations), but his sweet spot is helping small to mid-sized companies looking for a strategic partner to help them attract very difficult-to-find IT talent that can play a critical role in the success of their business.

Steve says that a key attribute that sets him apart from other recruiters in this market is his ability to really dig in to what clients are looking for. Steve is interested in getting to know the client’s personal preferences and company culture so well that he becomes a true extension of their full-time staff and represents the organization as well as any internal employee would.